Artificial and Fake Butterflies and Insects

Artificial and Fake Butterflies and Insects
Artificial Butterflies - Feather Butterflies

Are you looking for artificial decorative butterflies for decorations and floral arrangements? Do you want a variety of butterflies for weddings and craft work? Browse through our Artificial Butterfly category to find a stunning collection of butterflies for decorations, fake bugs, bees, and insects, and other quality craft supplies.

Artificial, decorative, craft butterflies are perfect for decorating weddings, making floral centerpieces, decorating cakes, corsages and floral arrangements of all kinds. Feather butterflies are beautiful Christmas ornaments and great for holiday decorations. Artificial butterflies are even used to decorate Christmas trees and wreaths. These beautiful butterfly ornaments create a unique ambiance and make any occasion more colorful. Butterflies are becoming very popular as an enhancement for Holiday centerpieces, Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments and other craft and floral designer creations.

We stock an assortment of artificial, decorative, craft butterflies, feather butterflies, black butterflies, garlands of butterflies, jeweled butterflies, silk butterflies, satin paper feather butterflies, and swallowtail feather butterflies.
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