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Clear Basket Liners- 2 of 2

6/19/2017 12:12 PM

Like our clear plastic plant saucers, our clear plastic basket liners from Curtis Wagner Corp are made from tough clear vinyl (PVC), and the liners from Syndicate Sales are made from clear styrene.

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Posted By Lynn Eggett

We have been asked what the difference is between the clear plastic plant saucers from Curtis Wagner Plastics and Syndicate Sales. Here is the difference.

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Posted By Lynn Eggett

Clear plastic plant saucers  are an important addition to any plant sale which can save a carpet or table top from damage.

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Posted By Lynn Eggett

The value of WATERTUBES

5/29/2017 7:15 AM

 Like us humans, fresh flowers need constant nourishment and fluids in order to survive. The only way for this to happen are to be constantly in the presence of liquid by being in a vase, or a water tube. Water tubes and AquaPics are the easiest and least expensive way to  make sure small bouquets and single flowers make it to the customers home.

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Posted By Lynn Eggett

April Testimonial of the Month

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Posted By Lynn Eggett

Easy Summer Flowers

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to fill your home and garden with beautiful summer flowers. Here are some easy-to-grow flowers to prepare for summer.


These perennials can brighten up any tired corner. They come in colors like lavender, pink, or white. They bloom all through the summer until fall.

Purple Coneflower

These flowers come from the daisy family. They are knobby, with orange-brown centers that resemble beehives. They are atop clumps of bristly oblong leaves and grow 4 feet tall.

Gloriosa Daisy

This flower has deep golden petals and a chocolate colored center. These plants reach 3-4 feet tall. There are shorter versions like “Goldilocks” and “Toto” that grow to 10 inches.

These are only a few summer flowers that can make your garden lovely. Make a call to Floral Supply to get your supplies and get your summer flowers ready.

Posted By Lynn Eggett

Bringing in Spring

Spring is a beautiful time when nature comes back to life after being frozen in the winter. However, outside shouldn’t be the only place that’s decorated. Let your home come back to life with these unique floral arrangements.

Living Vase

Use a galvanized bucket as a vase and cover it with fresh-cut Fresh pussy willows. This gives the vase a “living” appearance. Use rubber bands to secure the willows to the vase.

Eggs and Carnations

Using dyed eggs and carnations can make a playful spring centerpiece. Yellow is an ideal color to dye the eggs. Place them in the center of a medium sized bowl and pack the carnation blooms around them. 

Easter Egg Vase

Gather a large-mouth, clear cookie jar with a clear drinking glass in the center. Stack dyed, hard-boiled eggs between the glass and jar and fill the glass with water. Use your favorite flowers and desire length. 

Spring is a great time to add creative floral arrangements in your home. Go to Floral Supply for all your floral need.

Posted By Lynn Eggett

A Beautiful Gift

Flowers are timeless; you’ll be able to find movies, shows, even books where one person gives another flowers as a gift. Though some may find it cliché to give flowers, you can always find a reason to give flowers.


Every girl loves receiving flowers that are as beautiful as her. It could be given for a special occasion, such as her birthday or for Valentine’s Day, but can also be given on a regular day to let her you’re thinking of her.


Flowers make an exceptional gift to let anyone know that you fully appreciate them.  For example, you can purchase a bouquet for your mom on mother’s day or as a thank you present for a friend.

Get Well Soon

For a loved one who’s sick, or even in the hospital, flowers can instantly make them smile. It also helps to brighten up the room so they feel a little better whenever they look at it.

If you want to give a gift for any reason, flowers are a good bet. Purchase wholesale flowers and supplies from and give someone a flowery gift.

Posted By Lynn Eggett


Health Benefits of Flowers

Everyone knows that flowers add beauty to your home or office space. They also make for a great gift for someone you care about. However, a lot of people are unaware of the emotional health benefits they offer.

Reduces Stress

Flowers have a calming influence, which can be useful when working either at home or in the office. Natural aesthetic beauty is soothing to people, thereby lowering levels of stress and anxiety. It also helps them to feel relaxed and secure.

Accelerates the Healing Process

The soothing caused by aesthetically pleasing flowers can also help patients heal faster. The presence of these plants in hospital rooms can speed up recovery time. Horticulture therapy, where patients actually care for plants, can also reduce recovery time.

Improves Compassion

People who spend extended time caring for plants have form healthier relationships because of their increased levels of compassion. Extended exposure to nature and wildlife causes this increase. These people have advanced social relationships and form greater bonds. Flowers really spice an environment with its beauty and emotional health benefits. Purchase flowers planting supplies at Floral Supply, and begin contributing to the health of yourself and others!

Posted By Lynn Eggett

Starting an Indoor Garden

People have undertaken indoor gardening either for its aesthetic value or the ability to grow plants during the winter. Container gardening is a very popular indoor gardening technique. Before you begin growing your plants, here are a few supplies that are necessary:

Potting Soil

Potting soil contains a mixture of different organic matter that provides nutrients to the plant as it begins growing.


Similar to outdoor gardening, you need to fertilizer for your indoor plants. Fertilizer provides nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that promotes growth.


Grow Lights

It can be difficult to access adequate sunlight when planting indoors. Grow lights help provide the light waves plants need to grow.


You will need a container for your plants to grow in. Flower pots or planters are used for indoor container gardening. Plastic pots are especially useful because they help retain moisture.

If you are looking for floral containers to begin your indoor gardening endeavour, visit Floral Supply. Choose from a wide variety of pots and planters to begin growing beautiful plants indoors.


Posted By Lynn Eggett
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