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Floral Water Tubes | Aquapics

Floral Water Tubes | Aquapics

Floral Water pics, also known as Aquapics, come in sizes 3.25", 4", 4.25", 4.75" and 5".
Floral water tubes come in 2" orchid tubes, 3" and 4" water tubes. 2" "Orchid" water tubes are available on special order only.

Each floral Aquapic and water tube comes with a plastic stopper with a hole in which to insert your flower stem. Floral Aquapics and floral watertubes are the best way to keep flowers fresh until the flowers can be put into a vase.
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  • SKU: SYND-55-97
  • SKU: SYND-3-Inch-Water-Tubes
  • SKU: SYND-4-Inch-WaterTube-with-Stopper

Starting at: $75.60

  • SKU: DAK-110B
  • SKU: DAK-10T
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