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Floral Watertubes

Floral Watertubes

Our plastic Floral Water Tubes come with a flexible plastic cap with a hole into which you insert a flower stem. A floral watertube is the best way to keep flowers hydrated by filling the tube with water and flower food solution.

We stock Floral watertubes in 3" and 4", and 2" "Orchid" size is available on special order only.Pre-filled watertubes are also available on special order. Our floral water tubes are made by Continental Floral Greens, Dakota Plastics and Syndicate Sales.

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  • SKU: SYND-3-Inch-Water-Tubes
  • SKU: SYND-4-Inch-WaterTube-with-Stopper

Starting at: $75.60

  • SKU: DAK-110B
  • SKU: DAK-10T
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