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Cooler Buckets | Flower Prep

Cooler Buckets | Flower Prep

This section includes both Plastic and Metal Flower Cooler Buckets, as well as our Flower Preparation and Flower Food, Flower Stem Cutters.
Flower Cooler buckets can be also used in prepping your flowers for sale. Made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, our cooler buckets are sturdy, and most are attractive enough to transfer your flowers right into your flower cooler for flower display.

Our flower preservatives, stem strippers and other flower preparation items are necessary if you want your flower inventory to last after the sale. Floralsupply.Com offers a wide selection of floral supplies to ensure that your flowers will last a long time.
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  • SKU: OASIS-Flower-Display-Cones

Starting at: $30.50


Starting at: $90.90

  • SKU: OASIS-Flared Cooler-Buckets

Starting at: $38.98

  • SKU: MAR-FlaredCoolerBucket
  • SKU: MAR-V-seriesFlowerCoolerBucket
  • SKU: SYND-SquareCoolerBucketSeries
  • SKU: PMJC-PA571-Series

Starting at: $110.00

  • SKU: SYND-7021-AquaPlus-Liquid
  • SKU: SYND-7012-7013
  • SKU: Guillitine-Flower-Stem-Cutter
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