One of the most elusive designer accessory items in the floral market today is a good, solid line of ARTIFICIAL BIRDS. Though, there are many designer lines available in the market most of these items are poorly made. The main issue being these artificial birds are not very realistic looking, in some the  materials used are flawed, the coloring is ghastly or smeared. The beaks on the birds are glued to the back or side of the bird’s head, and the wings are not proportionately pasted. We have a good collection of artificial birds that looks almost real, and is made from materials that make the line “believable”.



The realistic – looking artificial birds are usually not made from a polyfilm material, but from a quality Styrofoam or cellulose (paper) base, Real turkey or chicken feathers rather than polyester, and also with colorfast hand painted dyes to add more features and colouring to beautify the artificial birds.  The wings, beak and eyes are then attached properly, which will be in the exact proportion to the size of the bird in order to give the artificial bird a realistic look.


A Way to make a Design Statement

There is a current trend that  many retail floral supply shop owners practice by placing an artificial bird  in almost every floral arrangement or a plant they sell. This is called “trademarking”, thereby giving the florist’s work a special “Trademark”. This practice definitely sets their work apart from the rest and allows people to identify them from their competitors. We make “Trademarking” easy for a florist. You can select a specific artificial bird designs such as hummingbirds , doves , peacocks  or upland birds like quail and pheasants.  These are made available in different sizes (miniature,small,medium and large) and colors. For example, you can select from soft or solid colors or else purchase combination of colors which can be used for specific floral arrangements.

 Artificial Birds are a great, unique and inexpensive way to “customize” your floral work! – So why not order them today and give it a go?