Artificial Butterfly

Buying Artificial Butterflies


One pretty ornament difficult to find in the market can be ARTIFICIAL BUTTERFLIES. A good quality products at reasonable prices which you can sell on with confidence to your customers is what you need to look for. Just as with the Artificial Bird , much of what is available in the market today lacks quality and do not look remotely realistic.


 What to look for...

A good quality artificial butterfly maker would use quality turkey or chicken feather base and colorfast hand painted dyes to beautify the butterflies by adding more features and colors to them. It might have a wire pick for fastening the artificial insect to the arrangement, but that is not necessary because hot gluing the artificial butterfly to the arrangement is much more of a realistic presentation. If you need Glittered butterflies for special projects that require more “Glits”, they are also available. Glittered butterflies are wonderful for all kinds of party and wedding work.

 Just like Artificial Birds, there is  a growing trend among the retail floral supply owners to place artificial butterflies on every arrangement to distinguish themselves from competitors. Why not trademark yourself by placing an artificial butterfly on your floral arrangement? We can cater to any size ,colour and any occasion.

“Trademarking” is made easy for a florist, since the florist can select a specific artificial butterfly style, size and color if that is the look they want , or just purchase assortments that allow variety and color selections for the specific floral piece they are making.There are even Glittered butterflies for thise projects that require more “Glits”.Artificial Butterflies are a unique and inexpensive way to “customize” your floral work.