DL4048 Jungle Baby Pottery, 6 inch

Ceramic Baby Planters MAKE YOU MONEY!

Baby Containers/Baby Planters are items that every floral designer will use on a regularly basis as baby planters will become an extremely profitable item in any floral shop. Predominantly used in floral arrangements for Babies, your profit could be enhanced by its unique usefulness and adaptability to a variety of occasions.

Ceramic Baby Planters as Gift Baskets...

You can use it to make a creative floral arrangement, as a container for plants, fill them with goodies for the Mother, keep it as decoration on the center-piece for baby showers, or even for small dish gardens etc.


Their uses are endless and you will only be limited by your creative potential! Most of these containers (otherwise known as Planters) are made from ceramic, resin, plastic or tin. However you choose to sell it, we know for sure that this item will make a great contribution to your profit!