Ceramic Sports Planter



Another group of items that every floral designer will use on a regular basis is Ceramic Sports Planters .This is suitable when making floral arrangements for events such as sports banquets, Superbowl, World Series Baseball  and “March Madness”   and it is an extremely profitable item to have in any floral shop.

 Your profit could be enhanced by their unique versatility. You can build creative floral arrangements in them, make them into fun decorations but inexpensive planters, fill them with goodies, use as a centerpiece arrangement for parties, make a “Get Well” gift  for a sick sports fan and many more!  Most sports planters are made  from ceramic, but there are other profitable sports containers made from alternative materials. In whichever way you use sports planters, one thing is for certain and that is you will for sure add profit to your bottom line.



There are several styles of ceramic sports planters on the market, covering the major sports popular in the U.S. They are made from various materials like glazed ceramic clay or Dolomite clay. The latter is a softer material, but this is usually reflected in a less-expensive product than found in a true ceramic, glazed and "hard-fired" product.

Choose from ceramic football planters, baseball containers, basketball and golf planters, soccer and tennis sports containers.