6 Tips for Arranging Flower Vases

6 Tips for Arranging Flower Vases

Are you looking to learn how to arrange flowers in a vase? Don't miss out on these 6 tips for arranging flower vases like a professional. Click here for more.

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Have you ever received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and wondered how to best display them in a vase? Or tried to create the perfect floral arrangements for a big celebration, such as a wedding?

While it sounds simple, creating the ideal centerpiece takes a bit more thought than simply sticking the stems in water and hoping they last.

Today, we're giving you six tips to help you turn ordinary flower vases into vessels of beauty sure to add a special touch the next time you decorate a table.

Ready to learn more? Let's dive in.

1. Arrange Around Your Shape

While it would make the task easier if flower vases were one-size-fits-all, the reality is they come in myriad shapes and sizes. Each provides a different type of look for your display.

Here are a few ways to arrange some of the most common flower vases:

Column Vases

When using column- or CYLINDER vases, keep your flower stems long and leaf-free (besides a select few you want to highlight). Cut all stems equally long and rotate your vase as you add flowers by variety, ensuring they're spread equally.

You don't have to worry as much about stems falling over when using this type of vase, as the tall shape helps support them.

Flared Vases

The flared vase is a common household item, though the wider top takes a larger number of flowers to arrange properly.

Rather than placing the stems in one-by-one (as in column vases), it helps to create your arrangement in your hand, holding it next to your flared vase for height comparison. Ideally, you'll want the blooms to hit just above the lip of the vase.

When you're ready, place the prepared bouquet into the vase, keeping it together until it enters the water. 

Heirloom or Specialty Vases

Sometimes a more formal occasion will make use of old-fashioned vases typically made of cut glass. Usually smaller than other types of flower vases, these benefit from a tightly-wound bouquet that won't spread out in the water.

To this end, tie the stems of your flowers with twine beforehand, then place the bouquet in the water. If you prefer a more elegant look, simply cover the twine with a piece of ribbon that matches your event's color scheme. 

2. Add in Foliage

Flower vases look best when they're filled with more than just pretty buds. You'll want to build a backdrop for your colorful blooms with a few pieces of foliage or filler. Doing so gives dimension to the arrangement and allows the flowers to pop.

When creating this base, don't worry about all the pieces lining up. An asymmetrical shape that's highest in the back and flows forward across the front and sides is a great start.

While most foliage is green, there are many plants available in a wide variety of colors that will complement your arrangement beautifully.

3. Play with Dimension

After you've gotten your foliage and filler pieces in place, you can start getting creative. While there aren't any strict rules to arranging flower vases, there's a general order to remember that can give you the standout shape and design you want.

Start by adding in your biggest and heaviest flowers. These will serve as the arrangement's anchor. Be sure to turn the vase as you go to make sure you're spreading everything out evenly.

Fill in the remaining space with smaller, lighter flowers. Be careful not to crowd the space to allow each stem room to absorb water and stand out. Then, the final additions should be complimentary greenery or babys breath. These flowers and greenery add depth and highlight to the flower arrangement.

When you're finished, your vase should comprise about one-third of the overall arrangement's height, and the width should be appropriately balanced. The idea is to keep the focus on the bright and colorful display you're presenting.

4. Don't Discard the Leaves

You may have heard that when arranging most flower vases it's best to remove a majority of the leaves on the stem, especially those that will end up in the water.


Doing so helps eliminate the bacteria that could breed in the vase as the leaves become soggy and rotten. As a result, your water will stay clearer and your arrangement will last longer.

But if you're only planning to use the flower vases for a short event, you can make a dramatic impact by keeping those leaves, using them instead as filler around the bottom of the vase. 

This trick works especially well when you're using shallow vases, such as cubes, as the leaves can press against the glass and add a unique touch.

5. Keep Flowers in Place

Do you notice that your once-symmetrical bouquet is now changing shape, with stems falling to the side, over the lip of the vase, or into one another? 

If so, you can keep them locked in place with floral foam. Soak the floral foam in water - Instant floral foam for about two hours, Standard floral foam overnight - before using to make it malleable. Cut the foam to fit your vase.

Keeping it regularly watered can help your arrangements last much longer and will ensure they stay in position.

6. Consider Layering Flower Vases

Another fun way to display your flowers is to layer a smaller vase inside of a larger, clear one.

Put your arrangement in the smaller vase and use the space between the two vases to display a seasonal touch. From lemon slices to feathers to decorative rocks, the possibilities are endless and unexpected.

While this design is most visually stunning with larger blooms (that disguise your layering secret), you can't go wrong with almost any arrangement. Just take caution if you change the water.

Take Your Floral Design to the Next Level

Now that you know a little bit more about how to arrange gorgeous flower vases, are you ready to tackle your next floral design project?

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