Helping your customers to design a floral arrangement is about a lot more than picking out some pretty flowers. The type of vase you recommend will make a huge difference in the final appearance of your customer's display.

On top of that, practicality needs to be a consideration. There's no point in recommending a miniature vase to a shopper with a huge bouquet, or a very delicate vase to a customer with five dogs.

The right choice of vase will emphasize the beauty of your customer's flowers and ensure that the vase has a long lifespan.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the options?

Not sure how to answer questions like, "What kind of vase is best for small arrangements?" or "What's the best color vase for red flowers?"

Don't despair. We're here with the ultimate guide to helping your customers choose the right flower vase.

Soon, you'll be able to recommend the perfect vase for any situation.

Should the Flower Vase Be Transparent or Opaque?

This is the first decision you need to make when recommending a vase.

In most cases, an opaque vase will be the right choice

There won't be any need to cover unsightly stems or change discolored water, making opaque vases perfect for customers who want low-maintenance arrangements.

If your customer is set on a glass vase, there are a few ways to ensure that visible stems don't draw attention away from the flowers.

You could suggest:

  • Tying a large ribbon around the vase to cover the stems.
  • Filling the vase with rocks, pebbles, or glass beads.
  • Filling the vase with water beads - small gel beads which expand when soaked in water, or other available and attractive vase filler materials
  • Placing a large leaf inside the vase, and curling it around to cover the glass completely.

So, opaque is the easiest option, but glass can look pretty with a little work.

Which Color Vase Is Best?

If you've recommended an opaque vase, you can guess what your customer's next question will be: "Which color?"

This all depends on the color and type of arrangement they're looking to display.

Here's a simple guide to the main vase colors and the types of flower that pair nicely with them.

Red Vases

These look wonderful alongside arrangements which include lots of green - large leaves, foliage, and evergreen branches. Also perfect for holiday arrangements and romantic gifts.

Orange Vases

A lovely choice for autumn, orange vases work well paired with warm colored flowers and brown accessories like pine cones.

Yellow Vases

Ideal for spring, yellow vases go best with fresh, light colors like white, green, pink and blue.

Green Vases

The most versatile option there is, green vases match well with almost any color of arrangement, creating a fresh, natural look.

Lovely with green and purple flowers in summer, or red during the holidays.

Blue Vases

A nice neutral option that's very versatile. Pair with blue and white flowers for a minimalist look, choose yellow in spring or try soft pinks and purples for a sweet, understated display.

Pink Vases

Soft pinks look pretty with pale flowers, while bright pinks combined with bright white flowers create a modern, eye-catching arrangement.

Black Vases

Black vases look gorgeous with white flowers, and make wonderful, striking decorations for big events. Red flowers also look great with black, creating a sultry evening look.

White Vases

White vases look pretty with pinks, blues, and yellows, particularly in spring and summer. Anytime you're dealing with lots of different colored flowers, white is a safe choice.

Help your customers pick the right color vase by asking them plenty of questions about the kind of look they're trying to create.

What Shape Should the Vase Be?

Flower vases seem to come in almost every shape and size imaginable, and it can be really hard to pick the right one.

Here's how to choose the right shape according to your customer's needs.

Best Vase for Everyday Use

When displaying flowers around the home, most people don't want to spend a fortune.

For this reason, vases with an hourglass shape are the best option. They're wide at the bottom, providing a sturdy base, narrow in the center, and slightly flared at the top.

The narrow top means that customers don't need to buy a ton of flowers to create a full-looking display, as they would with a wide-mouth vase.

The hourglass shape means flowers will be well supported by the vase, and won't flop around looking dismal.

Best Vase for Small Arrangements 

There's nothing worse than putting flowers into a vase and immediately watching them separate into unattractive clumps.

To ensure that small arrangements stay looking lively, choose tall, narrow vases with small mouths.

It's always better to make a vase look too full, rather than half empty. If in doubt, go a size smaller.

Best Vase for Large Arrangements 

Large, wide mouth vases are perfect for big displays.

Opting for a design which flares out at the top means that your flowers will stand up straight without needing too much encouragement.

Tall vases are perfect for an elegant, stylish look, while short, flat vases really make your display stand out.

Be generous when filling large vases to avoid empty space.

How to Help Customers Choose the Best Vase

Helping a customer pick the perfect flower vase is all about asking the right questions.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Is the flower vase for a special occasion?
  • What color flowers are you looking to display?
  • How large will your arrangement be?
  • Are you looking for a low-maintenance option?

Listen carefully to your customers' needs, then follow the advice above. You'll soon be recommending the perfect vase every single time.