Here at, we recognize that the floral indistry has a somewhat difficult time supplying products that are Made In America. It seems that the entire floral supply industry is built around product that is made abroad - The Orient for the most part, and South America for fresh. So when we see an opportunity to offer or support American-made / American Grown product to our customers and floral friends, we like to take advantage of the opportunity to do so. This is one of those opportunities.

Many of you do not know that there is a great American floral organization known as American Grown Flowers. Their brand promotes the Certified American Grown program. Their program has just made available their first "American Grown Farm and Flower Guide". The guide is designed to provide both retail and wholesale florists as well as floral designers with an annual resource for sourcing and purchasing American Grown Flowers.

We quote here directly from their campaign as follows:

"In 2017, the Certified American Grown campaign is celebrating its third anniversary. Launched in 2014 by a unified and diverse coalition of flower farmers from across the United States, the campaign was created top help better connect consumers with the origin of their flowers. Recent consumer research helped inspire the need for such a campaign, highlighting that 74% of people have no idea where their flowers are grown, yet 58% of them would prefer to purchase flowers grown closer to home, if given the choice. Certified American Grown helps consumers make that choice.

"We hope that this new guide helps to inspire you to connect with our American flower farming families and their product. Origin Matters, and your support for certified American Grown Flowers DOES make a difference."


The Farm and Flowers Guide is as 51 page catalog which presents valuable information on sourcing the American Grown flowers which, as you know, sport freshness, and superior quality on many fronts. In it, you will find a "Botanical Index", which is a full-color illustrated glossary of almost all American-grown flowers. IT IS BEAUTIFULLY DONE! At the rear of the guide is a complete listing of all Certified American Growers, including address and all contact information.


The FARM & FLOWER GUIDE is a MUST for every retail florist.

If you have not received one, you can contact them on their website AMERICANGROWNFLOWERS.ORG