20" White Foam Rose

It is hard to find large flowers designed for decorating large halls for dances, proms, weddings, galas and other larger events. Here is where our new foam flowers shine. The wonderful thing about these large foam flowers is that it doesn't take a large budget to create a masterpiece that, placed well within the venue, will turn the place into beautiful, eyecatching wonder.

Start with our giant 20 inch rose as the center focal point of each flower grouping. Then work out from the center with 12 inch roses, then down to the 8" size around the perameter of the grouping. You can accent the grouping with various colors, or just stick with a simple color theme.

Made from sumptuous urethane foam, these giant foam flowers are realistically shaped and wonderful to the touch.

Of the highest quality, these big foam artificial roses come with heavy-duty wire loops and with a sturdy foam backing for long lasting beautiful decoration which make assembly of the flower grouping easy and strong, as well as easy to mount or hang.