When sending small bouquets, or even single flowers out with a customer, you cannot assume that the flowers are going to last. Like us humans, fresh flowers need constant nourishment and fluids in order to survive. The only way for this to happen are to be constantly in the presence of liquid by being in a vase, or a water tube. Water tubes and AquaPics are the easiest and least expensive way to  make sure small bouquets and single flowers make it to the customers home and make them last. Water tubes come in several sizes, and the one you use is determined by the flower you are sending out. 2" for orchids, 3" for small-stemmed flowers, 4" for roses, hydrangeas and other large-stemmed flowers, or our large 5" #110B water tube for small bouquets or other large-stemmed flowers that drink a lot of water fast. Keeping some of each in the shop will ensure that you have the right watertube when you need it.