With the John Henry company effectively getting out of the printing business (ceasing publication of most of the floral design books and buyers guides), the entire floral industry has to wonder who is going to fill this enormous gap. At about the same time John Henry made their announcement, we exuberantly  received word that Florists Review was in the planning stages of a number of brand new publications. With excitement, their new lineup of floral design instruction and floral selection guides are now available for us to enjoy and  use in your floral shops.

This week, we cover the five new all-occasion and idea books, THE FLOWER BOOK,  and THE ART OF CHINESE FLOWER ARRANGING.


HANDPICKED - Simple, Sustainable, and Seasonal Flower Arrangements  by Ingred Carozzi

 Brooklyn-based florist Ingrid Carozzi reveals many of her secrets for designing flower arrangements that are modern, original, and organic in style.  The book is Organized by season, and presents simple step-by-step instructions for making more than thirty-five arrangements, using blooms that are easily found at your local market or grocery store.  Ingred encourages us to reuse materials, advocates for a sustainable approach to flower arranging and forage when possible, employ less harmful materials such as chicken wire instead of floral foam, and put local, seasonal blooms to use.  Avoiding standard vases, she offers inspiration for sourcing, making, and upcycling unexpected containers, such as rough-hewn wooden crates or vintage pots, jars, cans, and urns.  Showcasing lushly photographed floral compositions that marry the elegant with the rustic, Handpicked is a beautiful, practical guide to creating unforgettable flower arrangements at home. Hardcover. 160 pages.



 This book is the second stage publication of the international FLOOS project. The book brings together the floral recipes from the beginning of FLOOS.  The book has been designed with the outstanding recipes and most personal designs of each internationally acclaimed author and to bring these creations to those professionals who tend not to use the internet often, to have them on hand.  It brings together 8 master florists and shows in detail how to make each composition.  Inside you will find the point of view of each author, their reasoning and way of seeing floristry in each floral composition, with detailed photographs and advice.  With a QR code you will have access to a video where you can see the technique used as well. Softcover. 268 pages.



 Paula Pryke has been creating beautiful floral designs for 30 years, and her original and bold work with flowers is respected and acclaimed throughout her career.  The book is a wonderful celebration of the very best of her work, in which Paula shares many of her design secrets and influences that have helped to shape her signature style.

In The Art of Flower Arranging, Paula folllows the process of moving from the source of inspiration to a beautiful finished flower arrangement.  She ties together main aspects of creating a really unique arrangement including mixing colors, forms, shapes, textures, and scale, being inspired by how plants and flowers combine in nature; using foliage as well as fruit for visual surprise and fun, and much more.

 One section of the book discusses the ins and outs of tools and equipment, and the volume is concluded with a catalogue of flowers organized into thematice types, which makes searching for the ideal flower - or alternates if the desired one is unavailable more simple.

 Filled with ideas, skills, and techniques to create floral arrangements for around the home, for gifts, and  for special events, this book explores the latest trends, encourages the reader to let his or her creativity and personal style flow freely, and is sure to inspire professionals and beginners alike. Hard cover. 288 pages.



Full of fresh ideas with eye-popping impact, this book shows how the advantages of permanent florals and materials can be exploited in all kinds of profitable and exciting ways.  Professional florists and creative enthusiasts alike will find lots of inspiration for making permanent floral arrangements.  Whether for your personal space or when decorating restaurants & hotels, offices & commecial premises for public buildings, flower arrangements with lasting durability are an absolute winner for all sides.

This book conveys and illustrates:

  • natural appearance of everlasting florals
  • fresh look despite use of artificial florals
  • uncomplicated and innovative techniques
  • quick construction methods
  • creations based on modules
  • multiple use of design ideas
  • designs in XXL formats
  • potential of everlasting materials for floral artists

Hardcover. 144 pages.


IN FULL FLOWER - Inspired Designs by Floral's New Creatives by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls

 In Full Flower features more than twenty of the most influential and celebrated floral artists across the United States.  Combining traditional techniques with organic forms, unusual pairings, and artistic visions of the designers, each piece is uniquely inspiring.  Gorgeously photographed by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls, In Full Flower captures the arranging processes and final works, as well as tempting interiors and gardens that exhibit the simple yet luxurious living these artists employ. 222 pages. Hardcover.


 FRESH -by Sybil Brooke Sylvester

 Floral designer and artist Sybil Sylvester does more than just arrange flowers. She uses inventive ideas and fresh local plants to illuminate her surroundings, and she offers in this stunning book, many how to techniques to translate her more effervescent and distinctive floral designs for the everyday designer in totally manageable "recipes".  Organized by season and replete with original arrangements along with some of her celebrated arrangements from a variety of special occasions, Fresh concludes with a gorgeously photographed final chapter in which Sybil teaches floral designers to create their own magic from the natural world, along with her special brand of inspiration and helpful advice.  Full of creative elegance, whimsy and joy, Fresh is a magnificent and distinctive publication.



 China is the origin of oriental flower arrangement.  Chinese flower arrangement advocates for nature to represent life, emphasizes on composition to display vividness, and focuses on connotation to exhibit artistic concept.  The flowers and leaves look vivid, as if they were the work of nature.  The arrangers derive their works from nature, but present them on a higher plane than nature itself.  Materials required in Chinese flower arrangement are very minimal.  The focus is to infuse the floral design with the quality of poetry and painting, using flowers as the medium of expression to reach the highest aesthetic realm of art.  This book provides a history of how this art form began and flourished throughout the ancient dynasties of China.  Floral designers will enjoy learning the philosophy, principles, and the emphasis on naturalism that is applied to each oriental flower composition.

Techniques have been perfected by Chinese floral designers for centuries to place importance on beauty, structure, and meaning.  Create fifteen actual flower arrangement projects to try and follow the lessons step-by-step or capture the ideas and be inspired to develop a unique flower arrangement artwork. Hardcover. 184 pages.


THE FLOWER BOOK - by Rachel Siegfried

 Flower farmer and floral designer Rachel Siegfried celebrates, bloom by bloom, the loveliest flowers for your home.

Her floral arrangements are inspired by the changing of the seasons, her flower farm, and a love of rustic landscapes.

The book will segue you from spring tulips to summer sweet peas and fall dahlias, she shows you how to select the best flowers,  and display each one to celebrate its natural beauty.

 Be inspired by The Flower Book and let the beauty of each flower speak for itself. Hard cover. 224 pages.