When people think of baskets, they usually think of wicker baskets, rattan or bamboo baskets. But as you consider it, the floral industry is home of basket floral containers  made from many different and decorative materials.

As the floral business grows and continues to change, the materials and products we use to make our floral vases and flower arrangements develop and change style right along with the business. Of course, this is to be expected, because our customers want to see new looks and ideas to decorate with.

Take metal for example. The past couple of years, we have seen a lot of new floral related items, floral containers, wall pieces and the like, being made from all kinds of metal.  The typical basket uses as a base construction, ribs of bamboo, willow, rattan and rope. Now we are seeing hundreds of styles of metal baskets and metal vases made with strips of steel, heavy wire, and even some molded metals. Then, the covering of the metal basket is of woven metal in the case of higher-priced metal baskets, or might be finished with something as simple and as rustic as chicken wire. Now, we even see the entire metal basket or metal vase painted in any number of colors. Some wire baskets are then even draped with cloth.

As for water tight design, we are seeing the wire baskets, or even metal strip baskets for that matter, being made around various sizes and shapes of glass jars, glass vases, glass planters or caches. This now upgrades  the simple, rustic wire basket to a more elegant status that can be used for up-scale floral arrangements.

As for pricing of wire and metal floral containers, you will find every level of pricing from four or five dollars each to rather high end wholesale costs. Of course, the design and time to make the metal basket will determine the price. But most metal baskets and metal vases we have seen lately are extremely well priced, which leaves room for greater than normal mark-up for the florist.