In this post, I would like to divert from product offerings, and focus on one of the problems we have witnesses these past several years.

So many businesses are closing their doors- even with Obama gone. It is sad because the reason lies, most generally, with their own business practices, and not the economy. It has to deal with integrity and fair value.

For example, if your shop receives orders from one of the wire services, it is a temptation to fill that order with older flowers that may be purchased specifically for a funeral. You know there is not much life left in those flowers, but you need to use them up and recoup the cost you have in them. Concern for customer satisfaction goes out the window, but you  think that this one order will not hurt.  HERE is where you are wrong.

In Ogden, part of our local marketing area, we have a large florist with two shops. With this owner, shopping, and receiving poor quality fresh stock is an every-day decision. They have been doing it for a long time. He has not seen the results of these decisions too heavily yet, but it is coming. His reputation has suffered drastically already. How do I know?

As a wholesale supplier, we get many calls from across the country from both retail flower buyers as well as flower shops trying to bypass the expensive wire services who want to purchase flowers to send to someone here. After telling the callers that we do not sell retail,we consistently get asked where we can refer them. This is followed by a horror story concerning specific shops and the previous experience the callers had with them. This certain florist is always at the top of the "horror" list. So, Who do we  NOT  refer?  This alone takes its toll on his business, not to mention the people out there who never call us but experience the same bad product from previous encounters with thes same florist.

IT ONLY TAKES ONCE to sour a customer, and you will probably not get the chance to make it right. In addition, if you DO get the chance, your cost is now almost double what it would have been if you had offered quality in the first place.

So, keep in mind that the POOR PRODUCT is the outward manifestation of the deeper problem of deciding not to offer fair value to ALL of your customers.

In addition, keep a digital file on your website of thank you letters and positive testimonials. You will be surprised at the number of people who will visit that part of your website to see what others have experienced with you.

Til next time...

Have a Merry Christmas