How to Arrange Hydrangea Silk Flowers for Weddings

How to Arrange Hydrangeas Silk Flowers for Weddings

Hydrangeas silk flowers are ideal for weddings and receptions. To create the perfect wedding centerpiece, follow these tips for arranging hydrangeas.

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Did you know that roses are still the most popular choice for weddings across the United States today? So while everybody else is using roses, why not stand out and do something different for your bridal customers with hydrangeas.

These flowers are underused in today's wedding scene. They offer a blend of elegance and affordability that's hard to find in most of today's selection of flowers.

They are quickly becoming the go-to choice for people who don't just want to really impress their guests; they want their guests to snap pictures of their centerpieces for Instagram, or to steal the idea for themselves.

So if you want your brideal customer's wedding to look like it had a Beyonce budget which is filled with profit, keep reading.

Go For a Rustic Look

Rustic and earthy weddings are so hot right now. People really love the look and feel of aged wood. They love seeing everybody dressed in their most formal duds, contrasted by the backdrop of an aged wooden barn.

Barne, farmhouses, old mills or workshops are quickly becoming wedding destinations because a few inexpensive and magical touches can set your ceativity soaring.

For this type of wedding, a low cut hydrangeas centerpiece in a wooden box or burlap  planter,   or even a chicken wire basket, makes for an amazingly charming piece, without trying too hard. You can do it many ways, and you can certainly do it inexpensively, creating great profit in the process.

All you need are the actual flowers, a nice selection of very "country-ish" floral containers, some scissors and a few accessories. Actually, "up-scaling" the arrangements with some Rhinestone pics is a really wonderful way to transition "country" to the posh ambience you want to create.

To start, you will simply need different colored hydrangeas, along with a few roses in accent colors to really make the centerpiece pop.

Your brides guests will be clamoring to take these home at the end of the night.

Go Tall and Classic

You can also make a statement with an elegant ceramic vase, that should reach 12 to 15 inches tall.

These are a popular choice for people who want something eye-popping, without veering too far away from something traditional.

The first thing you want to do is select your vase. Clearly, the color will have to accent or complement the hydrangeas silk flowers. Or, even a beautiful white will do. So we recommend a solid color.

Next, a bit of practicality. Hydrangeas are obviously very top-heavy, so you're going to want to weigh down the bottom of the vase, especially if the taller vases are thin. You can do this a number of different ways. but a goodly amount of small floral pebbles or marbles are your best bet.

You don't want wedding guests knocking these works of art over all night long.

Short, Sweet and Traditional

Of course, you need to let the flowers to all the talking, without trying too hard to make a big statement with the presentation.

Purists and traditionalists will enjoy the old fashion look that never goes out of style. Simply choose the perfect color arrangement and cut your hydrangeas to the same height, and place them in a wide mouth glass vase.

It's a timeless look that's never going to go out of style. These centerpieces belong on your tables, whether the year is 1970 or 2017.

Try them, love them and your brides will thank you later.

Hydrangeas  in Your Bridal Bouquet?

Of course, don't forget about the potential for putting hydrangeas in your bridal bouquet. This look is gaining popularity by the day. Your bride is going to be carrying them down the aisle, and appearing with them in countless pictures. So you want to make sure that she loves her choice, and Hydrangeas make that really easy.

Can you use the same flowers for her centerpieces and her bridal bouquet? Of course you can. You can make them the theme for the entire day, from the wedding to the reception. You can even use them as a lovely accent on the wedding cake.

One style you may want to consider is called Biedermeier. You can take a few different forms, but you're basically arranging your hydrangeas in a circular pattern.

This could be in a tightly defined circle or turned out to give a slightly warm and soft look.

Hydrangeas for Dessert?

As we said earlier, there's nothing stopping you from embracing this theme for the entire wedding, and blessing your wedding cake with the lovely appearance of hydrangeas.

Take a look on Pinterest and you will see some truly imaginative and gorgeous ideas. You can use them in the traditional circular pattern and an elegant frame to the various layers of the cake.

Or you can use volume, and put the rainbow tones in clusters at each level, as if to descend down the cake. This is often an unexpected touch, that is sure to floor your brides guests.

Or you can do something truly adorable and original and offer each individual guest their own mini hydrangea cake. Guests really respond to them in a big way. So jump on this now before the rest of the world discovers how amazing they are- keeping in mind, of course, that the profi grows with every individual arrangement that you sell to your bridal party.

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