For many years, florists have looked for floral containers in unique shapes and colors. They have usually settled for glass or ceramic floral containers because of the availability. Plastics for the most part have been shunned due to the attitude that they were and looked cheap.  BUT NO LONGER.

Over the past several years, a transformation has taken place that has brought plastics to the forefront. New technologies have made plastics look better, feel better, and still keep pricing affordable.

Take our Vase D'Lite line of translucent clear vases as an example. New material formulations have given this beautiful and functional vase line new vibrant looks. From three feet away, you will think the vases are glass. And the colors are bright and full.

Then, there is Vacuum Orna-metal Company, unarguably the most progressive of all the plastic floral container lines. The advances they have made make their floral container line a MUST for every progressive flower shop. Originally known for their gold and silver-laminated surfaces on design bowls and revere bowls, they have branched out with new colors like "Black Pearl" and "Copper" in their most popular styles- the Revere Bowl and Mint Julip vase in two sizes.