Keeping your flower arrangements hydrated is the key to longer lasting flower arrangements.

Designed by an AIFD florist, the "Original" Bokaystik™ is an exciting NEW floral supply product that will add more life to your fresh flower bouquets! Simply place the Bokaystik into the vase or floral foam and add water--EASY and NO MESS! Keep the water in the container, not on the table!

The BokayStik is a sturdy 3/8" plastic straw X 9" overall length. BokayStik is inserted into a vase or floral foam and the floral designer or customer adds water into the top funnel of the BokayStik. The BokayStik has a designated line at the top of the funnel which holds the exact amount of water that hydrates the flowers on a continual basis once the flowers are delivered to the home. An added feature of the BokayStik is TWO SLITS in the top of the 2 1/8" wide funnel, which allows the BokayStik to double as an enclosure card holder (Cardette), saving the florist more money on a floral arrangement because no cardette is needed.

BokayStik is wonderful for floral production work, in that the BokayStik allows the shop owner to keep arrangements and even bridal bouquets hydrated when they have to be made in advance. This makes the job of keeping them hydrated simple, clean, and easy - a REAL TIME SAVER!

The product is packed in 100 count and 50 count trial size.