Galvanized Metal French Flower Bucket



The Galvanized Metal Bucket is an immensely popular item. This floral container product category is probably one of the most sought-after categories that we have seen in a long time.


You can choose from simple “tin pails” , oval planters , window boxes and to the versatile handled French Flower Buckets .You will find galvanized metal floral containers in almost every price range.


The main differences in price are determined by the weight and thickness of the metal and the quality of the galvanized surface. Even though some buckets are advertised as “galvanized”, they are usually only sheet metal with no galvanizing applied, as in the case of our “BACC” series of buckets and the GFTW series.


What to look for in metal floral containers:

The finest galvanized buckets are dipped in a molten nickel bath, which ensures that all seams are sealed against leakage, as well as being totally rust proof. Only one maker goes to this quality extent. These items serve well as flower containers, planters, vases, and display cooler buckets, but they are very expensive. Usually, the standard utility grade french flower buckets that you can more readily find are sufficient. Should you find one that leals, the problem can be easily solved by either squirting some hot glue into the seam that is leaking, or by lining the container with a clear plastic bag.