Flower Display Rings turn your wall space into a Profit Center.


If you own a retail flower shop, you know how difficult it can be to re-design your retail display areas. The cost of retail space is high, and so you must make every square foot of space that is available a profit center.

Free-standing shelving units aare one way to display, and, though bulky,  can be moved from place to place as needed. But they cannnot do the job when it comes to utilizing the space that most shops forget about... The WALLS.


Most retailers do not adequetly make the best use of their walls. This is usually because they do not know that there are several inexpensive, yet effective, ways to dress up the wall in a way that a large amount of product can be displayed. I am talking about Pegboard and Slatwall with display rings and cones.

Pegboard Application

Of the two, pegboard is the least expensive, and can look less formal than you might want, but a section of 4ft X 8 ft pegboard, mounted horrizontally, can generate more profit per square foot than even a very expensive floor display unit. Several fixtures for fresh or silk flowers are available for pegboard only, as well as the P/S Ring that will fit both pegboard and slatwall.


Slatwall Application

Like Pegboard, slatwall comes in various sizes, usually 4 ft X 8 ft sheets. There are horrizontal grooves which are evenly spaced accross the face of the slatwall. The slatwall is fastened or glued to the surface of the wall, then all you need to do is hook your fixtures, shelving or display rings to the wall and start selling.

Marco Pegboard/Slatboard Ring With Bucket, Pack of 6P-S Ring for Pegboard or SlatWall Flower Display

Flower Rings and Buckets

Available in the market is one of the most versitile products that you will want to use in your shop. The P/S Flower Display Ring is interchangabgle between both pegboard and slatwall with no fixture adjustment. You can use the same item on slatwall in the front, or on a pegboard "utility" storage area in the workroom. Many buckets on the market will fit the ring. It is powder coated so it is excellent for both silk flowers as well as fresh flower display in a flower cooler.