Selling Prom Flowers

If you are new to the floral business, it won't be hard to see that the business you can gain from promoting your design abilities to girls at your local high school for Prom season can be great, and highly profitable.

Don't miss out on prom flower sales!

The High School prom business is, like Valentines Day, squeezed into a reletively short period of time with intense work sessions and added temporary help, but the business is worth it.

Rhinestone Daisy Spray

The largest-selling items for prom flowers are still traditional corsages, but new are the rhinestone sprays that are now available which add a spark of jewels to the corsage. They add profit to your corsage sale. With so many different rhinestone picks and sprays, you can design a prom flower corsage or bouquet with a different look to every one. Your customers will love the sparkly, elegant look that the rhinestone spray will give to the bouquet.

FloraLyte II

Another way to build profit into your Prom flower corsage sales is by inserting an LED battery-operated light into the corsage. Available in a variety of colors, these lights are beautiful, and will have your customers brimming with delight.

Get your share of the spring prom flower business by promoting these popular flower accessory items today!