Bringing in Spring

Spring is a beautiful time when nature comes back to life after being frozen in the winter. However, outside shouldn’t be the only place that’s decorated. Let your home come back to life with these unique floral arrangements.

Living Vase

Use a galvanized bucket as a vase and cover it with fresh-cut Fresh pussy willows. This gives the vase a “living” appearance. Use rubber bands to secure the willows to the vase.

Eggs and Carnations

Using dyed eggs and carnations can make a playful spring centerpiece. Yellow is an ideal color to dye the eggs. Place them in the center of a medium sized bowl and pack the carnation blooms around them. 

Easter Egg Vase

Gather a large-mouth, clear cookie jar with a clear drinking glass in the center. Stack dyed, hard-boiled eggs between the glass and jar and fill the glass with water. Use your favorite flowers and desire length. 

Spring is a great time to add creative floral arrangements in your home. Go to Floral Supply for all your floral need.