Styrofoam Sheets

Styrofoam Basics:

Most of our products used in floral designing have evolved over the past fifty years. Styrofoam is one of the oldest products used in “permanent” or “Silk and Dried” floral arrangements.


Which Styrofoam product to use:

You have many choices when it comes to Styrofoam products. They come in the form of styrofoam sheets and blocks of varying sizes, wreaths, open heart and solid closed hearts , disks , balls or “spheres”, basket or mache inserts or cones and even cut-out shapes like Christmas trees and pre-painted Halloween themed items.

 The best Styrofoam products we recommend are the ones by FloraCraft Corporation. We believe it is free from dust and loose particles, and the consistency (free from “hard” spots) is the finest available.