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If you’re looking to plan an event for yourself, or professionally, here are a few tips to make sure it’s an event to write home about!


1. Make sure to make your event unique and personal: Is there a particular theme that you or your client prefer? Make sure to research down to the details to make a memorable experience for everyone in attendance!

2. Make a budget: It’s easy to get carried away when planning a special event; make sure to budget out all of your needs ahead of time and look for ways to cut costs.

3. Make sure the flowers match: Flowers traditionally represent different types of events! Make sure you get the right ones for your party to keep it in line with the theme.


If you need someone to assist you in the floral selection of your event planning needs, floral supply is there for you!

Posted By Lynn Eggett

Wholesale Flower Supplies

Floral Supply knows a thing or two about flowers, and here are some of our favorite ways to add an extra “oomph” to an arrangement!


Feathers are a hot trend right now, whether they are real or artificial. Some beautiful feathers that we recommend are Peacock, Ostrich Plumes, and Pheasant feathers.

Artificial Butterflies

What’s a sweeter image than seeing a butterfly gently hovering over a flower? You can capture that sweetness in your own floral arrangement by placing artificial butterflies in them.

Artificial Birds

Bird lovers, this one is for you! Make people do a double-take with realistic looking birds in your flowers. My favorite is an artificial Hummingbird, they’re beautifully subtle. Don’t be afraid to try out new things with your flowers, Floral Supply will always have what you need!

Posted By Lynn Eggett
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