Our floral industry has many unique products at its disposal. Probably one of the most popular among them all are Floral Watertubes or Waterpicks.


We are handling calls every day from people enquiring about the best water tube to use in floral arrangement projects. Despite its popularity, we feel that many don’t appear to understand the difference between Waterpicks and Watertubes. Purhaps this brief discussion will explain the difference and also offer some suggestions as to which you would want to use  in a given situation.

4" Water Tubes, Plastic, with Stopper

Floral Water Tubes

Water tubes, as a specific “item” usually are found in three sizes – 1 ½ inch (Orchid tubes), 3 inchs  and 4 inchs. All of them have “rounded bottoms”. The Waterpics, on the other hand, come in different lengths, and has a “pick” on the end rather than a round end as does the water tubes, hence the name “Waterpick”. Waterpicks also comes in flat ends, with barbed ends for grabbing the floral foam for a better anchor. 

There are currently three very popular water tubes in the market. Two of the three are identical in every aspect of the design:

•Syndicate sales #53-77

•Continental #375.

•Dakota Plastic #30T.

Both the #53-77 and the #375 watertubes are made from a clear styrene plastic. These particular categories of watertubes are popular and is one of the oldest products in the market.  These longlasting  watertubes gives the appearance of being made out of glass as opposed to plastic. 

The #30T Dakota Plastics is very similar to size as the other two categories of watertubes. However, Dakota Plastics is made from a transleuscent polypropylene plastic and is not a “see-through” product, and so the stem is hidden. It is lighter in weight when compared with #53-77 and the #375, but equally longlasting. Watertubes come in both Styrene plastic and polypropylene plastic. Generally, styrene water tubes are more expensive than the #30T polypropylene water tube. Why not try and see it for yourself today?

4.25" Double Anchor Aquapic waterpick with Stopper
Floral WaterPicks - AquaPics

There are many good quality manufacturers of waterpicks,  what is available in the market  are mainly made out of styrene plastic, and most often comes in green. They all come with stoppers.The most widely used are the 4 inch and 4.25 inch waterpicks with flat “barbed” ends. This design provides sufficient water to the flowers when needed to keep the required moisture, so does not have to be filled with water just before a delivery.

 Most of these items are “anchored” into an arrangement built on a wet floral foam foundation. All barbed-end waterpics are used in a floral foam foundation. Please take the time to view and study the various available barbed waterpics by clicking on the following links:

50 - 97 Single Anchor 4 - waterpic,49 - 97 Double Anchor 4.25

We also have floral waterpics with a rounded pointed end minus the barbs. These waterpics, irrespective of size, are commonly used to insert  fresh flowers into the soil of a potted plant. Using fresh flowers in this way gives a floral designer incredible versatility and design freedom using something as simple and inexpensive as a 4 inch or 6 inch potted plant. Since it is not necessary to “anchor” the flowers into the soil, the pointed round ended floral waterpics are perfect for this kind of job. 

56 - 97 Aquapic 3.5, 57 - 97 Aquapic 4.75 and 55 - 97 Aquapic 5.


Which one to choose..

Your design preference and your floral project will govern the use of which selections of watertubes and waterpicks to use. No matter what style(s) you choose, Floralsupply.Com will have ones to fit your specific needs.