Aquafoam Wet Floral Foam Bricks


One indispensible product that has evolved over the past fifty- years and continuously been used in floral designing is Wet Floral Foam.  From time-to-time, you will run accross an "old-timer" who will gladly reflect upon memories as to how they did things in the old days. The traditional method adopted by floral designers back then to create wet floral foam was referred to as “Needle Packing”, which is basically using dried pine needles wrapped into a “brick” form, then soaked for days until it is ready to use. The floral designer would then place the needle pack into any floral container. Most designers used a glass bowl at the beginning.

 For funeral wreaths designers would anchor a large  number of needle packs to a wire frame and create the wreath. But now all you have to do is open a box of floral foam in the shape the customer has requested, soak overnight, and start work on your design.Just like Styrofoam, good knowledge in chemical science is necessary to make all wet floral foam products. Like any product type, there are good quality product items as well as bad.


Select the right sized wet floral foam for the job:

A floral arrangement can now be created to a different shapes: and it is available  now on the market. they come in the form of bricks of varying sizes: Deluxe Foam; Mega Brick; Moby Brick; Half RingsOpen Heart and Solid closed Heart, Disks,Balls or "sphere" either netter or un-netter cones. Convenience  has now even taken wel form to an even new or level by making several shapes of wet floral foam in their own floral containers as seen in new :Designer Rings", Flower cake kits and "foamdomes" for funeral work with their own casket saddles.


To make all wet floral foam products requires exact chemicals in order to achieve the various results desired in wet floral foam types. Like any other product type, there are good quality items as well.


 The major brands of floral foam:

The original floral foam is Oasis floral foam.  The most popular wet floral foams are Oasis floral foam, Artesia wet floral foam made by FloraCraft Corporation and Aquafoam from Syndicate Sales. Cheaper foams are out there, but the absorbency, “staying power” (tendency to keep water without draining) and strength (allows the floral designer to insert flowers without falling apart) usually leave a lot to be desired.Wet floral foam standard bricks are the mainstay of the floral business, and they are available in four consistencies:

•Standard- The original wet floral foam, and used for most every-day floral design work. This consistency is best if soaked overnight.

•Instant- Similar to Standard, but designed to be ready for use with a minimal soaking time- usually 2-6 hours (But overnight is still preferred for total absorption)

• Deluxe- Designed for larger, woody-stemmed flowers

• Spring- Formulated for use with more tender-stemmed “spring” flowers for easier flower insertion.


 Wet floral foam PREPARATION:

The proper way to wet all floral foam items before use is to fill your sink or other water source with liquid and drop the floral foam into the container of liquid, then allow the wet foam to sink on their own rather than forcefully submerge them. When the bricks have sunk to or below the surface of the liquid means they are ready to use.