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Our Products

Water Tubes and Waterpics:

Floral Water Tubes

Floral Waterpics


Birds, Butterflies, Insects:

Artificial Butterflies and Insects

Artificial Birds

Artificial Animals

Birds Nests, Bird Houses


Real Feathers:

Chicken and Turkey Feathers

Artificial Feathers

Feather Sprays and Picks

Glitter Feathers

Ostrich Feathers

Peacock Feathers

Pheasant Feathers

Feather Trees, Wreaths, Garland

Feather Fans and Tassels

Feather Angel Wings


Floral Design Books and Education


Dried Flowers and Mosses


Candles, Candle Holders, Lighting


Holiday Floral Supplies:

Valentines Day Floral Supplies

Easter Floral Supplies

Mothers Day loral Supplies

Fall and Halloween Floral Supplies

Christmas Greenery, Decorations

Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Decorating Kits


Floral Containers:

Baby Planters

Ceramic Planters and Floral Containers

Wooden Planters

Metal French Flower Buckets

Painted Metal Floral Containers

Watering Cans

Ceramic Religeous Containers

Ceramic Vases

Metal Flower Pot Covers

Plastic Flower Pot Covers

Footed Floral Containers

Glass floral Containers

Plastic Round Floral Design Bowls

Plastic Square Floral Design Bowls

Sports Planters

Mugs, Cup and Saucer Sets


Flower Vases:

Peacock Feathers

Footed Urn Vases

Glass Block Vases

Bud Vases, Ceramic

Bud Vases, Glass

Bud Vases, Plastic

Flkower Vases, Ceramic

Flower Vases, Glass

Flower Vases, Plastic

Flower Vases, Large Glass

Flower Vases, Large Plastic

Glass Pitchers

Vase Filler Materials

Chinese Art Glass Vases


Flower Planters:

Footed Floral Containers

Metal Planters

Dish Garden Containers

Plastic Planters

Terrariums, Glass Planters

Wooden Planters


Flower Cooler Buckets and Flower Preparation:

Cooler Buckets

Flower Preservative

Flower Stem Cutters


Floral Design Accessories, Florists Tools:

Floral Design Accessories

Florists Tools


Flower Display Racks, Ribbon Racks, Store Display:

Flower Display Racks

Ribbon Racks

Retail Store Displays and Mesh Fabrics


Floral Foam, Styrofoam:

Dry Floral Foam

Styrofoam Sheets, Styrofoam Shapes

Wet Foam Blocks, Wet Foam Shapes

Liquid Floral Foam


Flower Sleeves, Flower Boxes, Flower Wraps:

Cellophane Rills, Wraps, PolyFoil

Flower Tote Bags

Rose Boxes, Corsage Boxes, Corsage Bags

JetRam Flower Delivery Boxes and Sleeves

Flower Sleeves, Clear and Printed

Flower Wraps and Flower Papers


Plant Saucers, Basket Liners, Design Trays:

Basket Liners

Clerar Plant Saucers

Plastic Floral Design Trays


Sympathy Flower Containers, Cemetery Vases:

Casket Flower Saddles

Cemetery Vases

Flower Easel Cages

Funeral Flower Baskets


Wedding Floral Supplies, Corsage Supplies:

Wedding Aisle Runners

Lady Fair Flower Bracelets and Hairpieces, Corsage Items

Floral Centerpiece Risers, Wedding Supplies

Bouquet Buckles, Rhinestone Sprays and Picks

Wedding Bouquet Holders

Wedding Rental Equipment


Baskets and Gift Basket Supplies:

Colored Wicker Baskets

Dishgarden Baskets

Flower Arrangement Baskets

Flower Pot Cover Baskets

Hanging Baskets

Designer Baskets

Paper Shred and Basket Fillers

Heat Shrink Items


Closeouts and Bargains:

Floral Container and Vase Closeouts

Christmas and Holiday Closeouts

Floral Design Accessory Closeouts