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Plant Saucers & Plant Trays

Sturdy clear plastic plant saucers and plant trays are a neccesary addition to any blooming or green plant leaving your store. A clear plant saucer ensures that your merchandise will not damage a customers prized tablecloth or stain her carpet, especially if you carry self watering planters, which tend to leak at times. Even ceramic pots tend to sweat if not fully glazed, so you should include a clear plant saucer with all ceramic pots that you sell.

Curtis Wagner and Syndicate Sales make the best quality clear plastic plant saucers and flower trays available.They come in many sizes and depths for virtually any need you can imagine. Clear plastic plant saucers and plant trays come in sizes from 3 inch, clear up to 21 inch diameter.

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  • SKU: CW-Clear-Plastic-Plant-Saucers

Starting at: $88.35

  • SKU: DL-Claybeaters-TerraCotta

Starting at: $64.00

  • SKU: DL-Claybeaters-Colored-Series

Starting at: $64.80

  • SKU: SYND-DLFloral-Design-Tray-Series
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