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Plastic Floral Design Trays

Plastic Floral Design Trays in both round and rectangular shapes make great flower arrangement containers for large table flower arrangements. Excellent for high wedding and party floral design work. Use with our "Wedding Floral Riser" units, or as a flat design tray for low-flowing floral arrangements. Some flower trays make nice flower planters or Dish Gardens.

Our flower trays come in sizes from 4" through 21" diameter in clear, black, white, and some come in colors

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  • SKU: DL-Claybeaters-TerraCotta

Starting at: $64.00

  • SKU: DL-Claybeaters-Colored-Series

Starting at: $64.80

  • SKU: SYND-Round-Floral-Design-Tray-Series
  • SKU: SYND-DLFloral-Design-Tray-Series
  • SKU: DL-DLP-990
  • SKU: SYND-36-LOMEY-1400-1401-1402
  • SKU: DL-DLP-960
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