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Floral Supply Manufacturers and Importers carried by Floralsupply.Com


We represent many of the finest and largest makers and importers in the industry. You will recognize them:

- Anderson Floral Products
- Curtis Wagner Plastics
- Diamondline Containers
- Fitz Design
- FloraCraft
- Giftwares Company
- Garcia Group
- Hanken Imports
- Highland Supply Corp
- Melrose, International
- National Ribbon (Lady Fair)
- Royal Imports
- Schuman Feather Company

- Smithers Oasis
- Syndicate Sales
- Temkin International
- Vacuum Ornametal
- Village Lighting
and Many More!

From these manufacturers you can choose from hundreds of different floral vases and containers, baby items, ribbons, and other floral supply items, artificial Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments and other Christmas decorations - the LARGEST SELECTION in the industry. Nobody has a greater selection!