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Wedding Rental Equipment

Wedding Rental Equipment

Wedding Rental Equipment for purchase by floral shops to rent to their customers include items like wedding arches, colonnades and Balustrades. They are a very profitable part of the wedding business, and flower shops are getting into this segment more all the time. Our wedding rental equipment for purchase are made of high-quality roto cast plastics for durability and long lice. All of our wedding columns and pedistals, colonnades, balustrades, wedding arches can be purchased as sets or individual items. Matching flower urns are also available.

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  • SKU: AMRO-604-Colonnade-Series
  • SKU: AMRO-53342-Planter
  • SKU: VIP-FW1869
  • SKU: VIP-FW1628-1868
  • SKU: AMRO-Scamozzi-Wedding-Colonnade-Series

Starting at: $150.00

  • SKU: AMRO-Empire-Colored-Series

Starting at: $54.72

  • SKU: AMRO-Empire-WHITE-Series

Starting at: $49.75

  • SKU: AMRO-Doric-Pedistal-Colored

Starting at: $92.25

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