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Chinese Artglass Vases

Chinese Artglass takes vases to the next level of design, color and styling. If you are truely interested in selling unique, colorful and different vases in your shop, then Chinese Artglass is the answer. Quality is unmatched. Colors are vibrant and beautiful. Shapes are stylish and attractive. Minimums per style or color are small.

Our inventory program offers you the choice of buying just the shape that you want, OR, purchase one of our programs that allow you to purchase a variety of vases, without the burden of investing in exscess inventory- You get a wide variety of items for your investment, thus avoiding the need to sell many of the same thing. Your inventory turns much faster, and you always have a fresh look.

We have several "Sample" programs which include 12 different pieces, chosen from our many new arrivals. We put the packages together from new stock, always changing the items for a fresh and different pack each time.

Try some Chinese Artglass today for an new and different experience in glass flower vases.

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